About The Podcast

Welcome to the Micbomb Podcast, the podcast “Where the bombs get thrown.” This podcast and platform was founded by future sports commentator and sports writer Maeshaila Boggan, whose passion for sports allowed her to create this podcast in September of 2021. The podcast is here with the purpose of bringing both sports and culture all together within one podcast. The Micbomb Podcast will also provide sports fans with the latest updates on what’s going on in the sports world with sports leagues, athletes, team news, highlight films, etc. These topics will be covered here based on personal thoughts and opinions from your host. If you are someone who’s looking for a podcast or sports show that covers and talks on all sports along with urban/pop culture, then this is the podcast for you to tune into. Tune into this podcast every Thursday as a new episode (s) will be posted with different topics and news stories being covered by your host and contributor Maeshaila.

Episodes will be posted every Thursday at 3PM ET on all of your favorite digital platforms.

Available now on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and more! Go listen now!

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